Is your ISP Throttling your Connection?

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Every now and again you might get the sneaking possibility that your internet connection isn’t as fast as you would expect it to be. If you’re paying for a speedy internet connection, then you want to be sure that you are getting the bandwidth you are being promised. However, if you have suspicions about your bandwidth speed, it is important to know that some internet service providers have been known to throttle the bandwidth of particular users.

What is bandwidth throttling exactly? This is when an internet service provider slows the bandwidth service speed for one or multiple users. Bandwidth is not the same as having connectivity issues or other technical problems as it is intentional on the part of the service provider. This may be done to discourage the use of BitTorrent programs, or to prevent server crashes or network congestion.

If you have noticed from testing your bandwidth speed that your internet connection is not as fast as it should be, you may be a victim of bandwidth throttling and may want to consider your options with regards to service providers.

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