What Factors Affect Wi-Fi Speed?

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If your home Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to be functioning as well as it could be, there are several factors which could be affecting your connection. Before you call a professional you’ll have to pay by the hour, let’s talk about some factors which may or may not be affecting your Wi-Fi.

Distance from router- You may think that a router in an unobstructed space should be able to connect to the internet easily, but at larger distances this is not the case. Whilst it is true that obstacles such as thick walls weaken Wi-Fi connection speeds, it is also true that distance can be as much of problem for data transmission. If you are trying to connect in a big space, it might be a good idea to invest in a secondary router or a signal booster.

Other networks around- An area with a large amount of different Wi-Fi networks may suffer from poor signal strength because of all the conflicting transmissions. This may be the case in large office buildings where your computer may be able to pick up signals from scores of competing networks.

Appliance interference- Did you know your microwave could be making your internet slow? That sounds strange, but it can be the case sometimes that household appliances operating on the same frequency as your router could slow down your Wi-Fi. Check to see whether your connection is stronger when appliances such as cordless phones, microwaves, and security camera are off.

Bandwidth Hogging- Many people share their Wi-Fi with family members, roommates, or colleagues, but keep in mind that their internet activities could be affecting your speed too. If someone on your Wi-Fi network is hogging bandwidth by constantly downloading or streaming, this could be a reason why your connection has slowed.

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